At Stickerslimited, We satisfy all Your printing needs

As one of UK’s leading online printing companies, StickersLimited prides in providing competitive, efficient, and high quality products available in the market. We design and print a wide range of customizable stickers including Paper Stickers, hologram stickers, Vinyl Stickers, PVC Stickers, Bumper Stickers, Dome Stickers, and Window Stickers. More importantly we deliver our items at an unbelievable wholesale price that no one can match. So our open challenge to customers. Our motto is to get lifetime happy customers We want you to try our product once as we are sure that you will become our customer forever. .

How we do it:

Research and invest in product perfection

We have spent quite a lot of time in developing premium quality products. We own the brands like Labelheaven, Etikettenworld and Etikettenplus where a lot of our effort goes in. So you can get branded premium products at aunbelievable prices.

Lean management practices

As big brand spend a chunk of their resource on the management, we pay premium prices whenever we purchase their product .However in Stickerslimited, we have developed a lean management practices so that resource utilization is maximized and cost is minimized.

Pass the benefits

And finally we pass our cost saving our expertise to the customers as we get it. This ensure that you our customers get value for every penny they pay.